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*) *Next piece scheduled tentatively for after January 8  

1) JJ - PSC - Spiderman (Color)

2) VP - PSC - Shiva (Color)

3) JS - 8.5x11 (Color) D&D  character Head shot

4) F - Silver Surfer (FF card) Color 

5) JS - D&D Head shot (Color)

6) EV - D&D Dwarven tomb scene (color)




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Martineck Marvel Overpower Cards

 Moving right along into the next multi - requested checklist, here are all the cards I drew for the various Marvel Overpower card sets. They were all base cards and I believe I have them all accounted for. If anyone thinks I missed one or screwed the list up in anyway, please let me know. 
  I don't know if there is a resurgence going on for these sets or what, but I've been contacted a lot about these cards recently. Along with which ones I did, I've also been asked if I have the originals and if I'd be willing to sell any. I know I have many of the originals. Some I've already sold here and there, some were "lifted" from Fleers offices and I never got them back, and I know of one that was lost in a fire. As for selling them, yes, I would be up for that. But, I am in the middle of a fairly tight deadline and probably won't be getting around to organizing that until I'm done in a few weeks. I will post here when I start making them available.

Thanks everyone for the interest and heres my Overpower checklist.


Marvel Overpower Cards Artwork List

Series 1 Marvel Overpower 1995
1) Cable – Custom Firearms
2) Carnage – Climb
3) Deadpool – Killing Machine
4) Doctor Doom -  Villainous Plot
5) Human Torch – Fire Shield
6) Human Torch – Nova Burst
7) Invisible Woman – Force Field
8) Iron Man – In The Line OF Fire
9) Jean Grey – Telekinesis
10) Magneto – Repel Object
11) Omega Red – KGB Training
12) Professor X – Psychic Scan
13) Silver Surfer – Cosmic Healing
14) Spider-Man – Spider Sense
15) Thing - Rock Skin
16) War Machine – Energy Shield
17) Event Card – Age Of Apocalypse – “Rebel Forces Regroup!” - Gambit, Jubilee
18) Event Card – Infestation Incident – “Alien Creature Rampage!” - Professor X
19) Event Card – Maximum Carnage – “Friends And Allies” - Morbius
20) Event Card – Maximum Carnage – “Symbiotic Hero Captured!” - Venom
21) Event Card – Separation Anxiety – “Breakout” - Venom 
22)Event Card – Sins Of The Future – “Mutants In Hiding” – Cannonball, (& Cyclops, Wolverine)
23) Mission Cards – Infestation Incident - Captain America
24) Mission Cards – Infestation Incident - Nick Fury
25) Mission Cards – Infestation Incident - Cyclops
26) Mission Cards – Infestation Incident - Wolverine
27) Mission Cards – Infestation Incident - Brood Queen
28) Power Card – 5 Strength - Cyber
29) Universe Card - Training - Archangel
30) Universe Card –Chain – Sabretooth

Series 2 Overpower Powersurge 1995
31) Banshee – Hero Card
32) Banshee – Super Scream
33) Colossus – Iron Curtain
34) Daredevil – Hyper Senses
35) Deadpool – Bushwack
36) Doctor Doom – Expendable Ally
37) Dr. Strange – Eldritch Blasts
38) Longshot – Hero Card
39) Longshot – Freedom Fighter
40) Longshot –One In A Million
41) Magneto – Power Flux
42) Mandarin – Electromagnetic Shield
43) Mandarin – Vortex Beam
44) Mojo – Body Guard
45) Mojo – It’s A Rap
46) Mr. Sinister – Hidden Agenda
47) Mysterio – Alter Perception
48) Mysterio – Mist And Mirrors
49) Namor – Winged Feet
50) Scarlet Spider – Sticky Fingers
51) Storm – Weather Manipulation
52) Thing – Brute Force
53) Universe Card – Teamwork – Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio
54) Universe Card – Teamwork – Namor, Captain America, Human Torch

Series 3 Overpower Mission Control 1996
55) Brood – Alien Hunger
56) Brood – Bony Exosceleton
57) Doc Samson – Green Haired Hero
58) Hawkeye – Avenging Archer
59) Morbius – Hero Card
60) Morbius – Blood Hunger
61) Morbius – Dread Champion
62) Morbius – Undead Stamina
63) Morph – Maximum Morph
64) Morph – Power Mimic
65) Quicksilver – Hero Card
66) Sentinals – Hunter/Killer
67) Vision – Android Endurance
68) Vision – Optic Energy
69) Mission Cards – Dark Phoenix Saga – Mastermind
70) Mission Cards – Dark Phoenix Saga – Nightcrawler & Phoenix
71) Mission Cards – Dark Phoenix Saga - Cyclops & Phoenix

Series 5 Overpower IQ 1996
72) Captain America – Sentinel OF Liberty
73) Henry Pym – Ant Man

74) Jubilee - Wisecrack

75) Kingpin – Business Savy

76) Kingpin – Crime Magnate
77) Kingpin – Underworld Henchmen
78) Kingpin – Walking Stick
79) Longshot – Purity Of Thought
80) Mandarin – Energy Void
81) Mandarin – Master Tactician
82) Morbius – Induce panic
83) Mr. Sinister – Marauder
84) Mysterio – Holographic Decoy
85) Mysterio – Mysteryvision
86) Nick Fury – Battle Strategy
87) Punisher – Outwit
88) Sentinels – Mutant Countermeasures
89) Sentinels – Robot Mentality
90) Strong Guy – Bodyguard
91) Power Card – 1 Intellect – Lizard
92) Power Card – 3 Intellect – Kraven
93) Power Card – 4 Intellect – Modok
94) Power Card – 8 Intellect – Doom 2099
95) Universe Card – Teamwork – War Machine, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman

Series 7 Overpower Monumental 1997
96) Overpower Monumental Wrapper – Spider-man
97) Iceman – Opal Tanaka
98) New Warriors – Night Thrasher
99) Event Card - Secret Wars – "Ambushed!" – Wrecker, Colossus
100) Event Card - Secret Wars – "Charmed" - Enchantress
101) Event Card - Secret Wars – "Empathic Healing" - Colossus
102) Event Card - Secret Wars – "Keeps Going & Going" – Ultron, Human Torch
103) Power Card – 2 Strength – Rogue
104) Power Card – Multipower 4M – Mimic
105) Tactic Card -  Double Shot – Energy – Spider-man, Human Torch
106) Universe Card – Ally – Yukio (& Wolverine)
107) Universe Card – Teamwork – The Hand
108) Universe Card – Teamwork – Juggernaut, Deadpool, Black Tom 

Warren Martineck


Marvel Dangerous Divas Card set

  Ok, now that it has been officially announced, I can finally say yes, I'm working on the Marvel Dangerous Divas card set and doing up an undisclosed amount of full color Sketch cards. Rittenhouse has this scheduled for a March 2011 release and it looks like my cards will be release as 18-case incentives.

  If you haven't noticed, I've really cut back on the amount of card sets I've been working on. I also try to come up with something different for each new set I do work on. (which is no small feat) For this set all the sketch cards I'm doing will be 2-card puzzles that will include at least 2 characters for each puzzle. It's working out really cool and I'm loving the expanded work area. Plus, from what I understand, Rittenhouse will be including both pieces of each puzzle in one Archive box so you won't need to try and track down the other half and be all disappointed when you can't. On top of all that there will be an additional twist involved with the puzzles. More on that teaser... probably around release time.

 back to work....


Warren Martineck


Double Page X-Men Avengers Commission

 Well, I've recently finished up the Inks over Mike Lilly on that oversized Antony & Cleopatra Graphic Novel and have seen some of the colored pages which look awesome. (Nice job Wilson) Among another little unmentionable job I had to fit in, I've finally caught up on a big chunk of work. But before starting my next job, which is already a few weeks beyond my intended starting date, I needed to get a good studio cleaning (next post) and one last commission I've had on my list that I'd intended for late summer.
  So here it is, a little late but it always feels so good to get these done.

By request: X-Men vs Avengers, in pencil.


Warren Martineck


Casual Friday #24 / 2nd Anniversary

I just noticed the other day that this week is the second anniversary of The Scribbler.  So, I thought I'd do a Casual Friday just for the occasion.
 Not sure what I'm saying with this piece, it was the first thing that came to mind.

It's tentatively titled:
"Happy 2nd, bub."

But a few more seem to be coming to mind...
"Can't believe your still at it."
"Happy 2 years. Here, pick which one I liked better."
"Good thing you didn't draw me after only one year."

...any more?


Warren Martineck


Marvel 70th Artist's Proofs Pre-Order Open (Updated 5/10)

I've received word on how many Artist's Proofs I will be getting for the Marvel 70th Anniversary set and I am taking pre-orders now and filling up the slots. I'll be getting more than usual so there's more slots open and the price will be more reasonable than past sets and is as follows:
(These prices are for full color, just pencils or inks would be cheaper)

Base cost, 1 character: $225
Each additional character: +$20
Puzzle Cards: +$20 for each card.
Other special requests negotiable.

You can contact me directly at artwork@warrenmartineck.com to ask any questions or to reserve your spot while they're available.

I should be getting these within the next week or so and would start on the list shortly thereafter.

Whatever you order for a subject on your AP, know that the only requirement is that the card will have a corresponding year on it as I did on all the regular cards in the set. You can go here to this posting where i have them posted to see more details.



UPDATE 5/3: Slots filled quick over the weekend, only a few left. 
UPDATE 5/4: All slots are now filled, thanks everyone!
UPDATE 5/6: I have a new open slot as of today! Get it while it's open!
UPDATE 5/10: Again... All slots are now filled, thanks everyone!
Warren Martineck

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