Updated Commissions List

This list updated as commissions are finished.  

*) *Next piece scheduled tentatively for after January 8  

1) JJ - PSC - Spiderman (Color)

2) VP - PSC - Shiva (Color)

3) JS - 8.5x11 (Color) D&D  character Head shot

4) F - Silver Surfer (FF card) Color 

5) JS - D&D Head shot (Color)

6) EV - D&D Dwarven tomb scene (color)




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Casual Friday #30

What? Can it be?... Yes it's true, I've actually posted something new on my blog. Little by little, in between all the work I'm supposed to be doing, I'm trying to catch up on Commissions that I've had backlogged for almost, if not more, than a year now. Special thanks to all that have been waiting patiently for a long time. I will get to them all eventually.

 This one is a requested headshot of a D&D character. Not being one to miss an oppurtunity, I thought it would also be nice to make it a Casual Friday piece. Right day and I did it during a casual luncheoning. So there you go. 

It's called Sanjuro.


More posting soon on a more regular basis, I promise.





Warren Martineck




Casual Friday #28 Updated (Cable)

I just thought, since I had a few minutes before I hit the sack, (not sure about the rest of the world, but in these parts that means going to bed) that I would post the updated Cable Piece that I inked for a commission a little while ago.
This will be the closest thing I can get to doing any actual Casual Fridays for awhile as my schedule is overwhelmingly heavy right now. I've spent so much time at my desk, I'm caught up on many of my backlogged podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and have ventured into Grooveshark and Itunes radio. (Feeling Floyd in Classic Rock is damn cool)   
So here is the Inked Version of the Cable piece I posted last month.
Warren Martineck

Casual Friday #29

If your somewhere in the world that doesn't get the news that happens in my region, the New England area of the States got blasted with an extremely early Winter storm. Due to the fact that most of the leaves were still in many overgrown trees long over due for trimming and upkeep, in which you'd think the power company would have learned from the last storm that came through, many many branches and trees came down from the weight on the limbs and took many many power lines and utility wires along with them. Most of our state has been without power for a week and some areas are still without.

 Although I got my power back, and eventually had my internet/cable line replaced the other day, it was a long week in which I wasn't able to get much work done. The daylight hours were spent outside clearing trees and brush from around the house and then try to get some drawing done by flashlight at night. ...and not very successfully. But with a clip board in hand, myself wrapped in a big puffy blanket, and sitting on the couch in front of the windows, I did this quick Casual Friday piece of an Orc. It was drawn on Friday but I haven't been able to post it until now.  

 I remebered drawing some Orcs back in the early 90's and not really liking them and thought I'd like to relax for 20 minutes and see what I could do now. I've posted an old photo copy of one of those old Orcs. I believe it was in color and probably will ink and color up this new Orc when I get the chance. IF I get the chance that is. I've been adding more and more work lately and with other domestic projects on the near horizon, I may be finding less and less time to do extra stuff. Unfortunately that may include commissions. Sorry to those hoping to get something anytime soon, but we'll see.


So here they are. The old Orc from 91', and the new Orc from the other day. This one isn't a soldier, he's more of the carrier / pack mule / laborer type of Orc.

I call him Ferno.    







Warren Martineck


Casual Friday #28

Working Title: "Friday, Commission, two birds and a stone"  

 Here's a Casual Friday piece I was able to get to as I'm using the pencilled phase of a commission I promised awhile back. It's finished state will be inked and I'll post that later but thought it would be a good idea to get something up on the blog. Yes, I know, it's been awhile. I've been pretty busy with many different things. Not the least of which is a Pencilling/Inking gig on a comic for Mansion Comics. (Which I'm having a blast doing)

I hope to be able to update with news a bit more as time goes by about what else I have up my sleeves, but for now, testosterone commeth in the form of a picture... 











Warren Martineck









Casual Friday #27

Morning all and come on in Friday!

 It's been a long week but I'm getting things done. And as you can see I even got around to drawing a Casual Friday. It helps when you wake up at 3 am, wide awake with nothing to do.

I've been working on designs and practicing drawing Vampirella to nail down the look I want to go with before I start the actual cards. (Which I'll probably start around Mondayish) So I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one drawing and also give a little Vampi preview at the same time.