Updated Commissions List

This list updated as commissions are finished.  

*) *Next piece scheduled tentatively for after January 8  

1) JJ - PSC - Spiderman (Color)

2) VP - PSC - Shiva (Color)

3) JS - 8.5x11 (Color) D&D  character Head shot

4) F - Silver Surfer (FF card) Color 

5) JS - D&D Head shot (Color)

6) EV - D&D Dwarven tomb scene (color)




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Sketch cards, Forums, & Commissions (Now Closed)

( 8/21 - The Commissions list is all full and closed to additional commissions for now, thanks to all that contacted me and I will post if any more spaces or time opens up - WM)

I've had a chance to do a few PSC's recently and thought I'd post one that was a little more involved. It's a 9 card PSC Battlestar Galactica puzzle. I've posted it and many other pics, images and Sketch cards from the past few years in a thread of mine at the Scoundrel Art Forum, Warren Martineck, The Works... If you haven't seen it yet, stop by and check it out as I update it on a semi regular basis.

Here's a "Blog exclusive offer" (for now) I know a lot of you have been waiting for. Commissions are now open. I've put a block of time into my schedule for these so get them while you can. Check out my Sketch Card Page for all info about what's offered. You can email me directly about commissions at artwork@warrenmartineck.com

That's it for today. I know it's Friday but I'm out of the studio for the rest of the day so you'll just have to wait for next Friday to get casual.


Warren Martineck


X-Men Origins: Wolverine Card Set (Part 2)

As promised, here's the link to the Wolverine Galleries.

Back to work, almost done, can't wait to take a day off.



Catching Up with Other Stuff.

   Happy happy happy, as I've finally finished all my sketch card projects. Those last 550 cards were really killing me. The bulk being Trek cards that were repeat sketches and to keep the mind-numbingness my brain was feeling, I subscribed to a dozen different podcasts to listen to on my Itunes. Some sucked but found a few gems in there.  The Totally Rad Show (videocast) 3 guys from CA talking Comics, Movies, Video Games, and TV. Very cool. Also of note is Indie Spinner Rack. Out of NY and hosted by a friend of mine I went to school with and really great guy, Charlie (Charlito and Mr. Phil) Covering everything about Indie Comics in a fun and really informative way.

Check them out, I'm not kidding! ... and along with some other casts about Macs, Comics, and Tv & Literature, I finished up the card sets with most of my neuro pathways still firing.  
   So I finally got to sit down and catch up with some computer backlog that's been building up and posted all the sketches for The Women Of Marvel Cards I did and can be found here on my Comic Space Galleries Page. I was pretty happy with the Fantastic Four cards I just finished and also got to organize all the scans for those. I'll have those posted also as soon as they get released.  Thanks to all the inquiries about them btw.
   If anyone has any good recommendations for pod or videocasts, let me know. My mind has lately been like a sponge that just needs constant input. 



Where Else Am I?

 I thought I would build on the Introduction some more and make some links available to check out something a little more visual. 

This is my website, it has a pretty good background on what I've worked on in the past. I'ts slowly getting outdated as I'm right in the middle of designing a new website and I'd rather put it all up at once than to piece meal it up.  Although big plans do often go astray...

My Myspace Page. Thats pretty self explanitory. But it does have some older Bloggin type stuff on it if anyone was interested in checking out some of that.

And one of the cooler websites, ComicSpace. Here I have a bunch of Galleries displaying tons of Comic pages and Sketch cards and a few other things as well. It's an interesting resource for aspiring and established comic artists.

Good enough for now.