Vacation, Work, Commissions, Galleries, yadda yadda...

 It's been a long time since my last posting because of a long awaited and well needed 2 week vacation and the pre-vacation 2 week work crunch to get as much work done as I could beforehand. It was great putting the pencil down for awhile but I must admit, by the end, I couldn't wait to get back to work. 

 Now that I am back at work, I'm slowly getting caught up on my backlog of commissions and AP's and all the other stuff I need to get done. While I'm thinking of it, Thanks to all that have been patiently waiting for their commissions and approvals. I will be getting to all active commissions before my next gig starts. I do have a secondary commission waiting list with a number of names on it and if there is any time left, I will be digging in to that also. I've had emails inquiring about Vampirella AP's. Yes, I do have them, no I don't know if I will actually have the time to do any, which bugs the hell out of me. If I can get to any, I will post and let everyone know.

Speaking of Vampi, I have now posted all 50 of the cards I did for the incentives in my Sketch Card Galleries section. Enjoy the walk through. 

Lots of cool things coming up in the next few months and I'm looking forward to sharing.


Until then...






Warren Martineck 


Vampirella Sketch Cards and My Schedule

 I've just got word that all my Vampirella Sketches have been approved by Dynamite. Here is the list of all my cards and yes, I will be posting all the images in my Sketch Card Galleries. These are all color and I've tried to balance the subjects where there are other characters represented while still having enough Vampirella images available to keep the majority happy.













On another note, I have been extra busy and I know full well I have been slacking in getting Blog posts up. Between my regular freelance schedule, all the AP's & commissions currently active, upgrading to a new computer system, and reorganizing from the ground up a completely unorganized studio, (and don't forget trying to maintain some sort of family life) there really hasn't been enough time to squeeze anything else in. And to all that may be waiting on stuff or are hoping to hear from me about anything, I promise you are not forgotten and I will be getting to everything and everyone.





Warren Martineck

"The Fundraiser For Computer Equipment Advancement" Studio Journal Entry #6

"The Fundraiser For Computer Equipment Advancement" 

 This isn't a national telethon or anything, it's just a small campaign to get new computer equipment to an individual freelance artist. (that would be me) As my system has really been showing it's age and limitations as of late and I'm finding myself doing and planning on doing more and more digital tomfoolery, it's turning into a necessity to do a decent upgrade.

 So, I've scheduled in some massive overtime, pulled a lot of hard to find items out of storage, started putting them up on Ebay, and plan on opening up for commissions as soon as I get all my Artist's Proof sketches completed. I also have plans to open up a For Sale page here on my website and will post when I get to that.

For now, I'll just keep plugging away at the drawing table and post a pic of this little Spider-Man 97 Sketchagragh of Spidey vs Venom I have up on Ebay. 


Heres an advanced thank you for anyone helping me out with this.






Warren Martineck


Marvel Dangerous Divas Artist Proofs Now Available

I did finally get in my Artist's proof blanks in last week for the Dangerous Divas set and I'm now taking orders and starting to fill in slots. Below is the breakdown of prices and what's offered. Although all of the cards I did for the set are puzzles, I'm offering these up individually. If you want a puzzle, you'll have to ask for it.

(These prices are for full color, just pencils or inks would be cheaper)

Base cost, 1 character: $225 
Each additional character: +$20
Puzzle Cards: +$20 for each card in the puzzle.
I'm always open to other special requests and all is negotiable.

You can contact me directly at (email) to ask any questions or to reserve your spot(s) while they're available. First come first served. ETA for getting these finished and sent out is within 3 weeks. (although I'm shooting for less than 2 weeks)

I will update this posting as slots fill up. 




Update: (4/19) Almost all slots filled. Only 2 left 

Last Update (4/19) All slots filled up. No more left.


Warren Martineck


Digital Painting #1

I've been trying to get to something like this for awhile now and I finally had the chance last week to sit down and do my first all digital painting from start to finish. On and off I've spent the past few months researching and reading up on it, watching tutorials, downloading brushes, all in preparation to teach myself how to do this. 

Although I know my way around Photoshop pretty well and that helped out immensely, it was still a slow process as with anything your just starting out with or unfamiliar with. Many times I caught myself worrying more about how I'm painting as opposed to what I was painting. I'm guessing that problem should work itself out in time as I get more familiar with the process and the tools. 

As far as the subject matter goes, yes, I took the easy way out. I painted something fictional and that took out the additional factor of worrying about getting whatever it was I painted to look like what it was supposed to. I thought I'd save that for next time, after I was a bit more comfortable with it.

In addition to all that, this was the first time I really put my tablet through a good work out and found that my 8+ year old tablet is showing it's age and miles. I discovered many dead spots that kept distorting my strokes and made it much harder than it needed to be. So I've tacked a "New Tablet" to my "Need to Buy" list. (I may be opening up for commissions sooner than I thought)

So here it is, my first digital painting. I call it a "Puzard". I guess it's not bad for a first go around but you've got to start somewhere.










Warren Martineck