Updated Commissions List

This list updated as commissions are finished.  

*) *Next piece scheduled tentatively for after January 8  

1) JJ - PSC - Spiderman (Color)

2) VP - PSC - Shiva (Color)

3) JS - 8.5x11 (Color) D&D  character Head shot

4) F - Silver Surfer (FF card) Color 

5) JS - D&D Head shot (Color)

6) EV - D&D Dwarven tomb scene (color)

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Where Else Am I?

 I thought I would build on the Introduction some more and make some links available to check out something a little more visual. 

This is my website, it has a pretty good background on what I've worked on in the past. I'ts slowly getting outdated as I'm right in the middle of designing a new website and I'd rather put it all up at once than to piece meal it up.  Although big plans do often go astray...

My Myspace Page. Thats pretty self explanitory. But it does have some older Bloggin type stuff on it if anyone was interested in checking out some of that.

And one of the cooler websites, ComicSpace. Here I have a bunch of Galleries displaying tons of Comic pages and Sketch cards and a few other things as well. It's an interesting resource for aspiring and established comic artists.

Good enough for now.

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