Updated Commissions List

This list updated as commissions are finished.  

*) *Next piece scheduled tentatively for after January 8  

1) JJ - PSC - Spiderman (Color)

2) VP - PSC - Shiva (Color)

3) JS - 8.5x11 (Color) D&D  character Head shot

4) F - Silver Surfer (FF card) Color 

5) JS - D&D Head shot (Color)

6) EV - D&D Dwarven tomb scene (color)

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Casual Friday #8

Today kinda snuck up on me. I've been trying to catch
up on a lot of things in the studio, and out, that I've been putting off for the last month or 2. This week ripped by and if it wasn't for an email I got today mentioning my Casual Fridays, I would have completely forgotten.
But I sat down after dinner, pulled out my portable drawing board, hit the couch, and started working out a wispy sort of spectral figure.
So, here is The Spectre. I've always liked this character, he's really cool to draw and in my head I came up with about 13 different ways or scenes I would liked to have drawn him in. But this "screaming out of the mist" was the first one I went for.

Not that I have a shortage of characters I would like to draw, but feel free to comment on characters or ships or whatever you might want to see me draw. I realize CF's are meant for things I want to draw, but you never know...


Warren Martineck

Reader Comments (3)

I love seeing more of your work posted and look forward to Fridays where I can see your Casual Friday pieces. If you're truly looking for suggestions, I'd love to see the ship "Serenity" from Firefly & Serenity. Other ideas - Titan's Tower (Teen Titans in the 80s & 90s) or the classic Legion of Super-Heroes buildings.

May 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDanielle

I agree, Casual Fridays are really cool and I wouldn't say no to more posted artwork. Spiderman or anything comic based is always good. Maybe some Battlestar galactica or classic Star Wars.
Just keep it coming.

May 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGMoore

Thanks for the input. Good suggestions too. I've got a few ideas going through the old noggin already.
I'll see what I can do about posting more pics that haven't seen the light of day yet. Hmmm, may have to raid the filing cabinet sometime.


May 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWarren Martineck

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