Happy Halloween

  A bit belated but Happy Halloween anyway!

 Like a growing number of people it seems, Halloween is my favorite Holiday and has been since I was a kid. Yes, even better than Christmas. Although this has little to do with my work, I wanted to post this anyway. This year I whipped up a little Kevin Matchstick action for Halloween night and of course, nobody got it.  The
neighborhood just isn't that Comic savvy, but thought at least some of you would get it. (I know, I know, but that's about as much of a beard as I can grow) 

   On Saturday we went to a Costume party (with no kids!, yaaaah) and we got all done up for that and had a great time out and about. My wife as a Vampire and I her tasty victim. Hmmm, something subliminal there?, maybe lifes undertones coming to the surface?, maybe just an easy costume choice, who knows. We had fun.  

Until next October 31


Catching Up with Other Stuff.

   Happy happy happy, as I've finally finished all my sketch card projects. Those last 550 cards were really killing me. The bulk being Trek cards that were repeat sketches and to keep the mind-numbingness my brain was feeling, I subscribed to a dozen different podcasts to listen to on my Itunes. Some sucked but found a few gems in there.  The Totally Rad Show (videocast) 3 guys from CA talking Comics, Movies, Video Games, and TV. Very cool. Also of note is Indie Spinner Rack. Out of NY and hosted by a friend of mine I went to school with and really great guy, Charlie (Charlito and Mr. Phil) Covering everything about Indie Comics in a fun and really informative way.

Check them out, I'm not kidding! ... and along with some other casts about Macs, Comics, and Tv & Literature, I finished up the card sets with most of my neuro pathways still firing.  
   So I finally got to sit down and catch up with some computer backlog that's been building up and posted all the sketches for The Women Of Marvel Cards I did and can be found here on my Comic Space Galleries Page. I was pretty happy with the Fantastic Four cards I just finished and also got to organize all the scans for those. I'll have those posted also as soon as they get released.  Thanks to all the inquiries about them btw.
   If anyone has any good recommendations for pod or videocasts, let me know. My mind has lately been like a sponge that just needs constant input. 



What Not To Draw

   Over the years, I've learned that one of the hardest things about drawing is knowing what not to draw. (A concept I'm still learning and reminding myself of all the time) Some basic ideas of this are things like not needing a background in every panel, not drawing the entire figure or every blatant detail of a sequence all the time and opting for something more subtle or hints of a scene while still conveying it properly. There are so many aspects to this concept and I tripped across an interesting one the other day. One problem that stems from what not to draw, is what to "not" not draw.  While reading one of my sons books to him, I had to stop when I got to this page and got a good case of the giggles with the comment that my mind blurted out upon seeing the picture. It demonstrates very well how a picture can go very wrong by "not drawing" or "covering up" something thats happening. Leaving what's going on entirely up to the readers imagination is a powerful thing and can be extremely useful (and time saving) or fail miserably.   



Fun Little Sampling of Life

So I'm sitting here laying out some panels for a Comic page I'm working on and my 5 year old comes downstairs yelling at the top of his lungs, 
(The boy) "Daddy, I've got a picture to show you!" 
(Me) "Neat, let me see."
He hands me a Halloween Birthday card for his Granddad with an old black house, a dark blue sky, a tree and a pumpkin, all done in crayons.
(Me) "Hey that's great, good job. I like the pumpkin"
(The boy) "Yeah, it's for Pop Pop. What are you drawing? Is that a car?"
(Me) "Yeah, it's a car driving through a town."
(The boy) "Oh, that's not very exciting.  Are there people there?" 
(Me) "Actually, those are Zombies trying to catch the car." 
(The boy) "Is it a Zombie town?"
(Me) "Uh,.. sure."
(The Boy) "Ok, that's cool then. Bye"

... and off he goes tearing back up stairs leaving me with a feeling of pride. That's my boy.  
A snippet of life here in the studio.

 I've got an awesome job.


Motion Comics... This May Just Work!

Well, I've seen the new Watchmen Motion Comic which I got off Itunes and I must say "I'm excited." With all the new advances and accessibility of technology it really was just a matter of time before someone came up with a really cool way of reading a comic off your computer. There's been a strong movement going on trying to tap into the computer/internet demagraphic.  Cross-Gen was one early example, trying to just put books directly online, but failed.  Other similar methods have and are being tried with mixed results but nothing that really stands out. Marvel's beginning to upload their catalog and sites like Wowio offering new online comics for free are having their own troubles. (I will avoid bringing Web Comics into this conversation now due to the simple fact that I honestly don't know enough about the genre [yet] so that will have to be a whole other post) 
  But now it seems this new Motion Comics approach actually has a coolness factor to it. At a time where the popularity of comic based Animation is as strong as it's ever been and players and sites like Itunes and Amazon and Xbox make it easily accesible it also gives it a sense of credibility to the format as well.  
  Specifically on the Watchmen Motion Comic ( I haven't seen the Batman one yet) on the whole I thought it was great. It somewhat reminded me of the old 60's Marvel Superheroes cartoons like Spiderman, Iron Man, and Thor, that I grew up with. (No I didn't watch them in the 60's, I wasn't even born yet)  They weren't that advanced but they had that moving comic book feel to them and that's what I got from the Motion comics, though with better quality, directing, and "camera work".  
  I thought Watchmen was a great first try at a new medium for comics and I really feel the potential here, on many levels, is very exciting. Among other possibilities I'm sensing from this, imagine the catalogue of books that could be done as Motion comics, and even comics being drawn as just as a Motion Comic as a first or sole means of release. 
 Very cool, I hope this one really kicks in because the potential is there.
Kudos DC.